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Old Man Mountain Divide Fat

Old Man Mountain racks are the most versatile racks available. Capable of mounting to full-suspension mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, fat bikes.

Tested and trusted in the most extreme environments on earth (we’re still trying to get NASA to take them to the moon). Our racks have helped riders traverse Iceland in bitter cold winters, carried the gear of countless GDMBR riders, and circumnavigated the globe.

The only remaining question is, where will it go with you?

Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike


Front or Rear Ready
¡Carry up to 32 kgs!
Our dropout design is extremely versatile, making the divide front or rear ready, and with our Fit Kits, the Divide mounts on any bike or fork with ease. The Divide has a massive 25kg carrying capacity when eyelet mounted and a 32kg capacity when using one of our Fit Kits!
Fits Any Bike
Low Pannier Rails
Fit Kits to thru axle or QR skewer mount make the Divide compatible with nearly any bike; road, gravel, full-suspension, or fat bike. A low pannier rail makes it easier to take bags off with gear lashed to the deck. It also lowers the center of gravity making the bike more stable.
Room For Big Tires
Room For Fenders
The Divide Fat is made to fit up to 26×5” or 27.5×4.6” tires with room for mud, and the Divide Fat fits all fat bike tires. With height adjustable dropouts, the Divide has plenty of room for fenders, even with large tires.



Front or Rear

Ready to mount to the eyelets

Divide Fat can me mounted on the rear or on the front and comes ready to mount to the eyelets of the bike.
Your bike isn’t mean’t for a rack? Never fear, our Fit Kits are here to solve that problem.

Fit Kits

What you need for axle mounting

The Fit Kit includes a new axle that substitutes the original of your bike. It is important that our axle has the same thread pitch as the original. That's why we offer so many Fit Kits.


Order our racks

We ship to many EU contries directly from Madrid (Spain). Depending on the destination country, you will receive your order in 3-9 days.

Exchange & Returns

Exchange your order

Didn´t fit your bike? You have 30 days to exchange your rack or Fit Kit for another in order to solve the problem. Return shipping cost are paid by the client.


Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bikeOld Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike


Specifications Divide Fat:

Divide Fat comes ready to mount to the eyelets of the bike.
Divide Fat 158 Eur | Optional Fit-Kit 95 Euro
- The Divide Fat fits up to 26×5” or 27.5×4.6” tires.
- Front or rear mountable.
- Made from 6061 aluminum the racks are lightweight, stiff, and strong.
- The main rack frame is made of 1/2" (13 mm) diameter tubing for durability, and the pannier rails are 3/8" (10 mm) diameter to fit all panniers.
- The low pannier rail makes it a breeze to load and unload panniers with gear lashed to the deck.
- The deck measures 5.1" x 12" (130 mm x 306 mm)
- The deck includes slots for easily lashing gear in place and holes for mounting a light.
- The dropouts are height adjustable to keep the weight loaded low on the bike and fit a wide range of tire sizes.
- The Divide Fat come standard, eyelet mount ready with optional fit kits available for thru axle or QR mounting.
- The Divide has a load capacity of 25 kgs when eyelet mounted. For more adventurous endeavors we offer thru axle or QR Fit Kits, that mount the rack to the axle and increase the load capacity to a whopping 32 kgs!
- Powder coated a sleek and refined shade of black Stainless Steel mounting hardware
-Weight: 970 gr


Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike


Included with the Divide
Included in the Fit Kit
Ready for eyelet mounting.
-Rack frame
-Extenders for front and rear
-Screws and other hardware
For front or rear mounting.
-Thru-axle or QR skewer
-Zip ties
-Clear protective tape
For Gravel and Road bikes there is an optional seat post clamp for upper attachment (sold separately).

Fit Kit

Our Fit Kits take the weight off your frame and moves it to the axle; the part of your bike that’s designed to be super stiff and carry a ton of weight. Includes a new axle that substitutes the original axle of your bike. So, it is importat to know the thread pitch and leght of your axle.

Our Divide Bike Finder can help you identify the Fit Kit you need for your bike.
Select Front or Rear, type of bike, if an ebike, brand, hub size and in some cases model:
(Note: Brands may change configuration of the bike at any time)



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Divide Fat Rear Divide Fat Front

SET815 - Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 217 or 229
SET806 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 209 mm
SET808 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 223 o 229
SET809 - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 209 mm
SET807 - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 217 or 229

SET715 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 198 mm

Front or Rear Ready.

Different Strokes For Different Folks.

We’re not all the same, and neither are our bikes. The Divide comes front or rear ready to compliment your riding style and what you like to carry.

Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike

If you’re not sure what you want to carry, we like to start with 40% of the weight in the rear and 60% in the front. This keeps your front wheel planted when the trail gets rowdy, with plenty of traction to send it where you want!


Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike Old Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bikeOld Man Mountain Divide bicycle touring rack Fits any bike


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Full Suspension

Our racks are compatible with full suspension bikes with with 26" 700 27.5 and 29" wheels. THe best option if you want to carry panniers on your bike..

Disc Brakes

OMM racks are compatible with disc brakes and 29" wheels. We solve your problem of carrying a load on your mountain bike.

12x142 Axles

Sherpa and Pioneer offer solutions for your 12x142 axle bike from most mayor brands. For example, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Canyon, Cube, Radon and Fat Bikes.


Sherpa Front QR15 is the front rack you need if you have a QR15 front fork from Fox or Rockshox. As you can see, you can carry load up front as well.