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Compatibility of your bike with the Old Man Mountain Racks

For full suspension bikes with disc brakes or v-brakes, for wheel size 26, 27.5, 29 and Fat Bikes, with QR skewer or 12x142/148 axles or een front QR15 acles.

With the entry on the market of bicycles with the new 12x142/148 axles it has become more difficult for you to know which Old Man Mountain rack is suitable for your bike. Axles have now different length and different thread pitches as there is no longer a standard.


Below we detail the compatibility of each of our racks with the different bike brands. The list is not 100% complete, as there are thousands of brands on the market. Old Man Mountain is able to fit a rack on almost any bike, but unfortunately there are a few bikes that are uncompatible. These will also be detailed below.

NOTE: In theory, all the brands and models detailed below are compatible with our racks. However, every bike manufacturer can suddenly change the configuration of their bikes, from one year to another or on certain models. Old Man Mountain has no way of knowing how each of the thousands of bike models on the market is configured. Nevertheless, for the moment the list below is accurate (and will be updated over time if necessary).




There are versions of Sherpa for 26-27.5-29 wheels, with QR skewers or 12x142/148 through-axles and for front QR15 axles by Fox and Rockshox. There are also solutions of Sherpa for Fat Bikes.



Almost all the versions of Sherpa are also available for the Pioneer.

Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes

You can fit a Sherpa to 170mm axle and a 190mm axle. But Puglsey and Moonlander bikes requiere a special mounting kit.



Sherpa Rear DISC
Compatible with basicaly every rear suspension bike using a QR skewer, whether it has a disc or a v-brake. (see exceptions at the end)

Sherpa Rear 26
For use with 26" bikes with or without rear suspension but with V-brakes.

Sherpa Rear 700
For use with 700 wheeled bikes with or without rear suspension but with V-brakes.



Sherpa Rear 142SP
Length 175mm | Thread Pitch 1.0 | Tapered
For bikes with a 12x142 through-axle. Compatible with Specialized, Intense, Cannondale, Norco, Felt, Cube, Canyon, Scott (not all models), Liteville, Lapierre (some models), Radon and Mondraker with Syntace style axles.

Sherpa Rear 142SYN-FL
Length 175mm | Thread Pitch 1.0 | Flat
For bikes with a 12x142 through-axle. Compatible with Scott with Syntace style axles.

Sherpa Rear S1.5
Length 175mm | Thread Pitch 1.5 | Flat
For bikes with a 12x142 through-axle.. Compatible with Merida, BMC, Bianchi, Giant, Rocky Mountain, Merlin, Yeti, Marin, Pivot and Transition.

Sherpa Rear T174
Length 175mm | Thread Pitch 1.75 | Flat
For bikes with a 12x142 through-axle. Compatible with Trek, Orbea and Salsa hardtails. Also compatible with Niner, GT, Kona, KTM and Jamis.

Sherpa Rear T192
Length 192mm | Thread Pitch 1.75 | Flat
For bikes with a 12x142 through-axle. Compatible with rear suspensión bikes from Trek, Orbea and Salsa.

Sherpa Rear SC

For bikes with a 12x142 through-axle. Compatible with bike models from Santa Cruz.



Boost 12x148 axles are now on the market and Old Man Mountain offers a solution so that you can carry load on your new bike equipped with this new rear axle. We recommend you verify what type of axle your bike has, although below you can find a short guide to compatible brands and models (the list is a work in progres and will be updated over time).

Sherpa Rear SP113
Thread Pitch 1.0 | Length 172 mm
For use with Specialized, Canyon, Cube, Giant 2017, Scott.

Sherpa Rear S114
Thread Pitch 1.5 | Length 178 mm
For use with Lapierre Overvolt, Merida.

Sherpa Rear T111
Thread Pitch 1.75 | Length 180 mm
For use with Cannondale Bad Habit, Trek hardtails.

Sherpa Rear T110
Thread Pitch 1.75 | Length 198 mm

For use with Trek full suspension, Orbea hardtails.

Sherpa Rear B116
Thread Pitch 1.0 | Length 180 mm

For use with Orbea Loky 27.5+ (2017).


Sherpa 26
Compatible with 26" and front suspensions.

Sherpa 700
Compatible with 700 and 29" and front suspensions.

Compatible with front suspensions and QR15 axles.
There are versions for Fox and Rock Shox forks.


Sherpa Phat N

For Fat Bikes with 170mm axles. Compatible with Pugsley*, Moonlander*, Trek Farley.
(* Pugsley and Moonlander require special mounting kits.)

Sherpa Phat W
For Fat Bikes with 190mm axles. Compatible with Specialized Fat Boy, Surely Ice Cream Truck and Mondraker Panzer.

- For Fat Bikes with 12x142 axles, please contact us.


Regretfully, there are a few bike models where it is not possible to mount an Old Man Mountain Rack.
- Trek Fuel withe ABP between 2008-20012/13.
- Scott Carbon and some in aluminium with a Pivot just above the rear axle.
- Bicycles with a 9mm through axle.

We hope this list has helped you determine which OMM Rack you need. We will update the list as needed.

Still having doubts?
Then send us an email with the details of your bike and we will help you out.




Full Suspension

Our racks are compatible with full suspension bikes with with 26" 700 27.5 and 29" wheels. THe best option if you want to carry panniers on your bike..

Disc Brakes

OMM racks are compatible with disc brakes and 29" wheels. We solve your problem of carrying a load on your mountain bike.

12x142 Axles

Sherpa and Pioneer offer solutions for your 12x142 axle bike from most mayor brands. For example, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Canyon, Cube, Radon and Fat Bikes.


Sherpa Front QR15 is the front rack you need if you have a QR15 front fork from Fox or Rockshox. As you can see, you can carry load up front as well.